Toxins and Vitality – Can There Be Both?

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As I turned 40 my friends and family told me you start falling apart in your 40’s and that it’s downhill from here. I thought to myself were we really put on this earth to live in declining vitality and health? My inner voice screamed back at me with a loud, “NO”. This started my journey of exploring why there was not only this perception but a reality of declining health and vitality after 40 by a majority of people.

As I started to explore what robs us of our vitality there was one thing that stuck out and that was toxins. Our exposure to so many toxic substances was stealing away our precious vitality. This was a bit alarming because toxins are everywhere and there seemed to be no good way to protect ourselves from losing our vitality to toxicity.

Luckily my assumption that we’re doomed to low vitality due to overexposure of toxic substances was a false one. There are ways that we can limit our exposure, help our body in eliminating toxins and revitalize our vitality.

Since toxic substances are so prevalent in our society I’m going to concentrate on one area for this post to not overwhelm you. Eliminating exposure to even one toxin can help relieve the strain your body goes through processing and eliminating toxins.

Our lungs are an elimination organ meaning that they help us to expel waste from our body. To do so they need good quality air. Since we spend a good majority of our time indoors let’s explore ways we can reduce the toxic exposure in our indoor environments.

We general think of indoor air as safe yet it has the potential of being more toxic than the air outside. Our indoor air is polluted by the off-gassing of our furniture, flooring, and wall coverings. We could also be compromising our air quality by spraying air fresheners, odor deterrents, or by using scented candles containing synthetic fragrances. There are also volatile organic compounds released when using household cleaning products.

Taking these toxic exposures into consideration we can start by eliminating what we have control over. Here are some examples of things you can do to limit your toxic exposure and start creating better air quality indoors:

  • Eliminate all synthetically scented sprays and candles
  • If you are building or remodeling your home choose floorings and wall coverings that have low to no off-gassing such as wood flooring and VOC-free paint
  • Use natural household cleaning products such as baking soda, lemon juice and castile soap
  • Remove your shoes at the door so that you are not tracking in pesticides that have collected on your shoes
  • Open windows to circulate air and release off-gassing from your home
  • Change out your air filter regularly
  • Add indoor plants such as golden pothos or peace lilies to filter the air

Your indoor air quality is just one area in which you can start limiting your exposure to toxic substances. Stay tuned for more ways to limit toxins in future posts.

Remember this is a journey and every small step you take will add up towards gaining better health and vitality.

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