Tiger Nuts!

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About a year ago I came across tiger nuts. I don’t exact recall how I came across tiger nuts, I figure it was during my gut health research.

Tiger nuts are not a nut as you would assume from their name, they are more of a small-dehydrated tuber.

I eat them as a snack, munching on them like they were nuts. I tried reconstituting them and cooking them as a side dish like potatoes but it didn’t turn out as well as the Internet explained.

I have also bought the sliced tiger nuts and added some to my overnight oats for an added fiber kick. I do like them this way but only in small doses, say about a tablespoon to one serving of oats.

There is also a tiger nut flour. I have used the flour to make cookie balls, which were successful as well.

While in Spain visiting a farmers market I came across a nut stand and immediately my eyes fell upon the large pile of tiger nuts. Come to find out tiger nuts are popular in Spain and used to make horchata.

Horchata made from tiger nuts excited me so I found a vendor and bought a glass. It was creamy with a slight nutty flavor from the tiger nuts. I loved it.

Why my interest in tiger nuts?

They are a great source of resistant starch, which is the desired food of some of our beneficial gut bacteria. This is the gut bacteria that we want to keep feed and healthy so that they can keep the harmful bacteria at bay.

One serving of tiger nuts has 10 grams of fiber and a decent amount of iron, magnesium and zinc. Magnesium regulates 300 enzymatic processes in the body so it’s a key nutrient for optimal health. And zinc and iron are important for thyroid health, making tiger nuts a great addition to a health diet.

Give tiger nuts a try! Their earthy nutty slightly vanilla flavor is a perfect snack that packs a nutritional wallop and maintains steady blood sugar levels for optimal health.

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