Tiger Nut Horchata

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During a trip to Spain I was introduced to horchata made from tiger nuts. I’m familiar with the rice based version of horchata that’s sold in the US but didn’t realize that there were other versions of horchata until recently.

Since becoming fascinated with tiger nuts for about a year now I was excited to try tiger nut horchata. My first experience of tiger nut horchata was love at first sip. It was creamy, nutty and had a slight vanilla flavor.

I was sad when it was time to leave Spain and tiger nut horchata. While flying home I thought why can’t I have tiger nut horchata at home: it couldn’t be that hard to make. After getting home I soaked a cup of tiger nuts for 48 hours and made a basic nut milk and it was very much like the tiger nut horchata I had in Spain.

Nourish your gut with this tiger nut horchata and see if you don’t fall in love.

Tiger Nut Horchata


  • 1 cup tiger nuts
  • 6 cups filtered or spring water
  • Raw honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Nut Milk Bag


  1. Soak the tiger nuts for 48 hours in 2 cups of filtered or spring water
  2. Once the tiger nuts have soaked for 48 hours drain them and put them in a high speed blender
  3. Add 4 cups of filtered or spring water to the blender and blend on high speed
  4. Let the blended mixture sit for about an hour
  5. Blend the tiger nut mixture for another minute of two
  6. Put a nut milk bag over a bowl and start to pour the tiger nut mixture through the nut milk bag squeezing the liquid into the bowl
  7. Make sure to squeeze all the liquid from the pulp
  8. Add a couple dashes of cinnamon and raw honey to your liking
  9. Stir and serve or chill for later use

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