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If you read health articles, you’ve heard the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil. It’s considered a good fat that we should be using in place of more harmful fats such as vegetable, sunflower, corn and canola oil.

I use extra virgin olive oil most days and never put much thought towards the olives it’s made from until I was in Spain. At restaurants in Spain it was common to be served a dish with a variety of olives instead of bread.

I thought this was a wonderful idea because I have a tendency to overeat the bread, where it’s hard to overeat olives.

This got me to wonder if there were health benefits to eating olives. I came across this article – 10 Reasons You Should be Eating Olives.The list of benefits in the article is impressive and has sold me on adding olives to my diet 2 to 3 times a week.

Dr Douillard of Life Spa lists olives as beneficial to the health of our livers. With all the toxins we are exposed to, we need foods that help us maintain a healthy liver so that it can process all those toxins.

Olives are a fiber source and we all need to up our fiber intake. The fiber in olives is beneficial to our gut health and gut health is important to optimal health.

Macular degeneration runs in my family so I make sure to consume nutrients that will help prevent the disease and it just so happens that olives are a good source of Vitamin A that helps protect our eyes.

In the article mentioned above the author mentions that olives increase glutathione. Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant and with all the chemicals and stress we are bombarded by we need glutathione to fight for us. Anything that can increase glutathione is good for us and we should try to incorporate it in into our diet.

We now include olives in our diet a few times a week by doing the following:

  • Add olives to your salads
  • Eat some olives as an opener to your meal
  • Snack on olives
  • Add olives to your football snacking options
  • Spread some olive tapenade on some crusty bread as a light lunch
  • Change out your pesto pasta with olive pesto pasta

You can start by adding some olives to your holiday cheese tray or trying any of the above suggestions.

Look for traditionally fermented organic olives. I get mine from Healthy Harvests.

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Want more recipes and tips on how to age better get my book Kaizen: A Toolbox for Cultivating Optimal health print or ebook or my e-cookbook Nourish Your Gut ebook. Cheers, Nanette

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