Tapas Importance to Health

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One story is that tapas began as a cover (such as a slice of cheese or ham) to keep the fruit flies out of your drink but since their invention, they have evolved to small plates of various foods.

Tapas have continued their popularity in Spain with a lot of the restaurants in Barcelona serving tapas. It’s a great way to try a variety of foods.

The tapas concept got me to thinking about how I could bring the idea of small plates into my daily eating.

Looking at a traditional American lunch such as a sandwich and chips there’s little nutritional variety. Using the concept of tapas we can change the nutritional variety of this sandwich and chip lunch. Just by halving the sandwich and adding in other dishes such as a side salad, vegetable salad, olives, fermented veggies, cold potato salad, and/or coleslaw you can increase the nutritional variety.

Adding in one of the above mentioned sides and halving the sandwich you are adding a variety of nutrients and getting more vegetables. You could keep the sides to a few tablespoons and have a couple of sides adding in more variety and nutrition.

I know a sandwich and chips is a fairly easy meal to throw together and what I am proposing appears like it could be a lot more work, but is it really? You can prepare or buy jars of fermented veggies that are easily added to any meal.

You can throw a side salad together in minutes with a little prep time, at the beginning of the week, by shredding and dicing carrots, radishes, beets and/or celery for the week.

A vegetable salad could be as easy as taking some of those salad veggies such as shredded carrot and beets and adding a splash of lemon juice and olive oil.

Cold potato salad or coleslaw could be leftovers from dinner and olives get spooned from a jar.

A typical lunch can now be transformed into a nutritional smorgasbord for your gut bacteria. Remember, if your gut bacteria is happy it is likely you will be happier and healthier.

Give it a try to see if you don’t become a fan of tapas or small plates. I know I have and am enjoying the variety at meal time.

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