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Nourishing your gut is one of the most important things you can do for your vitality. We want vitality – it is that bounce in our step, that twinkle in our eye, and that vigor that keeps us going strong well into our senior years. It’s this vitality that we need to stave off disease, to handle stress, and to make living into our 80’s and 90’s worth doing.


Our gut starts at our mouth and ends at the anus to include everything in-between such as the stomach, small intestines and large intestines (colon). I also like to include the liver and gallbladder when I speak of nourishing our gut because of their importance to digesting food. The gut houses 70% of the immune system, produces 70% of our serotonin and contains trillions of microbes (gut microbiome).


Without the proper nourishment, our gut can breakdown and a disease state can set in. Our gut is the nexus of our vitality so we must learn how to nourish it so that it nourishes us. Without this synergy we cannot enjoy the vibrancy we are meant to experience.

The difference between a malnourished and nourished gut can be the difference between illness and vitality. The illness can show up as lack of energy, premature aging, weight issues, poor immunity, brain fog, and/or mood disorders to name a few.

Don’t you want to experience life in the best health that you can so that you can get the most out of every day you have? I certainly do!


I know the idea of getting or staying healthy can be overwhelming. This is why I chunk the process down into small sustainable action steps that build upon each other to create a foundation for you to build upon. It is much easier to integrate one new activity at a time than it is to jump in full on. Give it a try by making a commitment to one small change until it becomes a routine then add another and another.

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” could very well have some truth to it. So start your “Nourish Your Gut” journey today by pledging to eat one organic red apple a day.

This is truly a journey and with small changes, like the red apple a day, made over time you will make wonderful strides towards a more vibrant you.


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