Pumpkins, Potatoes and Squash Oh My!

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As I walk around my neighborhood I can see nature getting ready for autumn with the plums starting to soften and the apples starting to get a rosy color.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The cooler temperatures give me reason to sleep with the windows open. I feel like a get a more restful sleep with all that fresh oxygen imbibing my bedroom. With a restful sleep I wake enlivened to take on the day.

Besides cooler temperatures and more restful sleep the leaves on the trees are turning brilliant yellows and reds and autumn foods like apples and potatoes are getting ready for harvest.

Autumn’s harvest provides some great foods that our gut microbiome loves such as pears, cranberries, apples, figs and potatoes. There are also vibrant antioxidant rich foods such as pumpkin, squash, and sweet potatoes.

Thinking of autumn foods makes me feel all warm and cozy. The thought of pears with pumpkin fig cream and Three Sisters Chili on the menu not to mention potato salad and apple pie oats warm my heart. There are so many great recipes you can create with autumn foods that not only satisfy your taste buds but will enhance your gut microbiome. It’s important to fortify your gut microbiome as the cold and flu season arrive because your gut houses about 70% of your immune system. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system that translates to a healthier you.

How to get the most out of the autumn harvest:

  • Eat an apple a day
  • Add pumpkin to your chili or try Three Sisters Chili (recipe found in Nourish Your Gut)
  • Cook up some steel-cut oats for breakfast and add apples or pears or try Apple Pie Oatmeal (recipe found in Nourish Your Gut)
  • Bake some squash and stuff it with chorizo like in Chorizo Stuffed Delicata Squash
  • Steam some potatoes and chill them for making potato salad or to add to your Nicoise Salad

When we eat with the seasons we take in the nutrients and energy needed to keep our body balanced during that season.

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Want more recipes and tips on how to age better get my book Kaizen: A Toolbox for Cultivating Optimal health print or ebook or my e-cookbook Nourish Your Gut ebook. Cheers, Nanette


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