A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt

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Men and dirt or at least my man and dirt are in constant contact. From a gut microbiome prospect, a little dirt doesn’t hurt because that’s where some of the microbes that help us digest our food live. However, I’m not talking gut microbiome for this post this is more about the skin microbiome.

Though I think we need to get out and play in the dirt more often than we do, sometimes we also need to get cleaned up. Therein lies an issue with how do we encourage a good skin microbiome and be clean?

I am not an expert on the skin microbiome but what I do know is chemicals are harmful to the skin microbiome as well as our gut microbiome. Your average personal care products are laden with chemicals that can harm our microbes. Luckily there is microbe conscious creative people who have developed natural products. One such company that I’ve found that have great personal care products for men is Fieldworks.

I came across their shaving gel called Another Close Shave Gel and fell in love with it. I used it to shave my legs and am impressed with how little I needed and how well the razor glided.

About a month later I was talking to my husband about his cologne and how overpowering it is. He corrected me to say it was aftershave and that he didn’t want to stop using it because it helped soothe his skin after shaving. Shaving reminded me of my shave gel so I immediately looked up Fieldworks and found that they have an aftershave and a shave bar. I ordered him both products plus the Hose Off shampoo and body wash in one. The scent is pleasing and not overwhelming and my husband loves the products quality.

I feel better that he isn’t dousing himself with chemicals and that I don’t gag from the overpowering fragrance every time I go in our bathroom after he has gotten cleaned up. Plus he loves how the products make his skin feel.

They also carry a body wash for women and shampoo for dogs both of which I have not tried. If you try these products please let me know how you like them.

You can get some great personal care products from companies like Fieldworks or you can DIY some of your personal care products. However you decide to go about lessening your chemical exposure will be a step in the right direction.

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