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In Paris there’s a place called Angelina’s that serves a sinfully thick dark chocolate drink that has a consistency between hot cocoa and chocolate pudding.

This chocolate drink appeared to be one of kind: reserved to Angelina’s. I tried other chocolate drinks throughout Paris and the US and never found anything comparable until a trip to Spain.

A traditional Spanish breakfast is a chocolate drink and churros. I found a place, Granja M. Viader, that had been in business since 1870 and decided to give it a try. After being disappointed so many times by other chocolate drinks, I was a bit hesitant to get excited about my find.

I feared that my cup of chocolate would be the same sugary runny concoction most people sold as drinking chocolate. I ordered a cup of Spanish chocolate and churros and as the waiter delivered my order I could see that the cup of chocolate was thicker than most.

The cup of chocolate was nice and dark inviting me to dip my churro in it. Upon inserting my churro I realized I might have found Angelina’s match. The cup of chocolate was thick and my churro coated with what looked almost like pudding.

After a bite of the churro I took a sip of the chocolate and I was in heaven. I had found a winner.

The chocolate of my youth consisted of milk, wax and sugar and had no nutritional value. But this cup of chocolate that was sitting in front of me now branded some of the qualities that dark chocolate has.

Dark chocolate 70% of greater cacao is a great source of potassium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, copper, zinc and iron. Minerals help balance our hormones and create wellbeing so what better way to get some health supplying minerals than through a cup of dark chocolate goodness.

You can get the nutritional benefits from chocolate listed above by eating 70% or greater dark chocolate either as a bar or as a drink. Make sure the sugar content is low: about 6 grams or less and that if they use lecithin that it is sunflower and not soy lecithin.

I found two at the natural food store a few blocks from my house, with not much effort, so with further exploration I’m sure I could find even better options.

Making a cacao drink out of raw organic cacao lets you control the sugar content and the type of liquid used. I adore the bitter taste of dark chocolate so I can drink my cacao without sugar – you can also use stevia if you want to go sugar-free but like a bit of sweetness.

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