Small Plates for Optimal Health

Getting in more of a variety of nutrients in your meals can create better vitality and wellbeing.

CHOCOLATE – Whoop Whoop!

In Paris there’s a place called Angelina’s that serves a sinfully thick dark chocolate drink that has a consistency between hot cocoa and chocolate pudding. This chocolate drink appeared to be [...]

Tiger Nuts!

About a year ago I came across tiger nuts. I don’t exact recall how I came across tiger nuts, I figure it was during my gut health research. Tiger nuts are not a nut as you would assume from [...]

The Six Letter Word That’s Killing Your Vitality……..STRESS

We talk about our stressful lives like it’s a badge of honor. Yet if we understood how all this stress was negatively affecting our health and vitality we wouldn’t consider it an honor. [...]

Tapas Importance to Health

One story is that tapas began as a cover (such as a slice of cheese or ham) to keep the fruit flies out of your drink but since their invention, they have evolved to small plates of various [...]

Oil Change and Alignment for Vitality    

I was driving by a car repair shop when I saw a sign for a sale on oil changes and alignments. I thought to myself in a sense we too need an oil change and alignment to keep things running well. [...]

100 or Bust

When my son was little he believed that everyone lived to 100, had a glorious birthday party with lots of friends and family then they died peacefully in their sleep. In my son’s young mind he [...]

Always Wound Up With No Unwinding

I have a slightly type “A” personality where even when I do get some downtime I feel I need to fill it with something. I find this behavior harmful to my vitality. I find that I gain [...]

Pumpkins, Potatoes and Squash Oh My!

As I walk around my neighborhood I can see nature getting ready for autumn with the plums starting to soften and the apples starting to get a rosy color. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The [...]

A Little Dirt Won’t Hurt

Men and dirt or at least my man and dirt are in constant contact. From a gut microbiome prospect, a little dirt doesn’t hurt because that’s where some of the microbes that help us digest our food [...]