The Best Day Ever!

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The other day my husband and I were taking our evening walk. It is about a mile loop where we walk through the neighborhood down to the walking/bike path, up through a green space and back through the neighborhood. Most evenings our walk is fairly uneventful. Sometimes a neighborhood cat named Snowball will be out and we must stop and pet on him or maybe we see a horned owl in the green space but otherwise it is just an average walk.

One evening, we were about halfway through our walk when we arrived at a juncture in the walking/bike path. As we were walking by the juncture in the path a small boy and his mom were coming off the juncture to the main path. The boy was talking to his mom about fire ants as they walked behind us. Then out of the blue the boy exclaimed, “this is the best day ever!” The boy appeared elated with the idea of walk and talking to his mom. My husband and I giggled at the boy’s elation of such a simple thing as walking and talking to his mom.

This got me to thinking about joy and how we can all use more joy in our lives. Experiencing joy is as simple as walking and talking with your mom as in this boy’s case. So why is that we don’t experience more joy if it is that simple? In my experience, we tend to busy ourselves with responsibilities and tasks and not make time for joyous activities. Maybe you tell yourself I’ll work hard so I can have joy in retirement or I’ll experience joy when I get a promotion. Those things could bring you joy but why not experience joy daily and not wait for some big milestone to occur?

I can find joy by just stepping outside into my backyard and walking barefoot in the grass or by getting out my bubble wand and blowing some luminescent bubbles. Think about little things that make you smile, that warm your heart or make you giggle and make some time to experience one of those joys per day.

Here are some examples of simple activities that could bring you joy or come up with your own:

  • Admiring a bouquet of flowers
  • Taking a walk with a co-worker or family member
  • Coloring
  • View the sunrise or sunset
  • Play ball with your child or pet
  • Star gazing
  • Blowing bubbles

Any one of these activities would take less than 20 minutes a day. Aren’t you worth 20 minutes of JOY? I bet you are so make it habit to schedule a little joy in your daily routine.

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