The Mighty Olive

If you read health articles, you’ve heard the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil. It’s considered a good fat that we should be using in place of more harmful fats such as vegetable, [...]

CHOCOLATE – Whoop Whoop!

In Paris there’s a place called Angelina’s that serves a sinfully thick dark chocolate drink that has a consistency between hot cocoa and chocolate pudding. This chocolate drink appeared to be [...]

Tiger Nuts!

About a year ago I came across tiger nuts. I don’t exact recall how I came across tiger nuts, I figure it was during my gut health research. Tiger nuts are not a nut as you would assume from [...]

Tiger Nut Horchata

During a trip to Spain I was introduced to horchata made from tiger nuts. I’m familiar with the rice based version of horchata that’s sold in the US but didn’t realize that [...]

Tapas Importance to Health

One story is that tapas began as a cover (such as a slice of cheese or ham) to keep the fruit flies out of your drink but since their invention, they have evolved to small plates of various [...]

100 or Bust

When my son was little he believed that everyone lived to 100, had a glorious birthday party with lots of friends and family then they died peacefully in their sleep. In my son’s young mind he [...]

Always Wound Up With No Unwinding

I have a slightly type “A” personality where even when I do get some downtime I feel I need to fill it with something. I find this behavior harmful to my vitality. I find that I gain [...]