Always Wound Up With No Unwinding

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I have a slightly type “A” personality where even when I do get some downtime I feel I need to fill it with something. I find this behavior harmful to my vitality. I find that I gain more vitality and wellbeing when I take some time for myself to rest and recharge.

When I don’t take time to unwind then I find my dealings with others is from a state of stress and a tendency to react with less kindness. I’m also more critical and less loving to myself when I don’t take time to unwind. This stressed state is not the state I want to present to others or myself.

Stress causes fear, worry, and anxiety which cause a low vibrational state in our bodies. We want to vibrate at a higher frequency such as the one we get when we are in love or feel joy.

With all the stress that bombards us daily it is imperative to our vitality and wellbeing that we have a toolbox of techniques that bring us back to a state of joy and love.

Your vibrational level rises when:

  • someone smiles at you or you smile at others
  • you witness awe and wonder by noticing something beautiful
  • you walk among the trees
  • someone hugs you or you hug someone
  • you breathe deeply
  • you laugh
  • you have a dance party of one

Find a funny meme or video that makes you laugh, a beautiful picture of nature that brings you awe, or smile at someone when you feel your vibrational level getting low. Reaching into your toolbox of techniques several times a day will help to keep your vibration closer to joy and love and further from worry and anger. Build a routine of taking little vibration raising breaks by setting reminders on your phone or pairing it with a task such as every time you go to the bathroom or get water.

Once you start seeing how much easier life is when you vibrate near love and joy than it is when you vibrate near worry and anger you’ll want to stay in a high vibrational state.


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