Hello! I am Nanette Achziger

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I help people recognize the importance of a healthy gut and gut microbiome and give them tips and tools to create their own healthy sexy gut microbiome to gain health and wellbeing.

Our gut extracts nutrients from our food, produces chemicals like serotonin that create a sense of wellbeing, and hosts 70% of our immune system, all of which are critical to our health and wellbeing. So why is it that we pay so little attention to our gut until it is in a dis-eased state? I believe it is because we have not been taught the importance of a healthy gut and we have lost our ability to connect with the wisdom of our bodies.

I’m here to help you learn the importance of a healthy gut and that creating a healthy sexy gut microbiome can indeed create better health and wellbeing for you. The gut including the gut microbiome has become a hot topic. Scientist are hard at work trying to decipher its inner workings however, I believe there are some simple truths that we can follow to gain better gut health. If we consume nourishing foods, digest our food properly, harness the power of beneficial bacteria and keep harmful bacteria and viruses at bay we can gain vitality.

When I’m not writing, holding workshops or creating programs, I can be found stand-up-paddle boarding with my husband on a nearby lake, playing tag with my cat, Ms. Kitty Purry aka Baby Kitty, experimenting with food in my kitchen or visiting the local chocolatier for a cup of sipping chocolate.


Have a look around my site, check out my blog and stick around for an exciting journey.


Nanette Achziger

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