Pears with Pumpkin Fig Cream

Pears are packed with fiber and a fabulous option for nourishing our gut bacteria. Pears, especially red ones, are filled with antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. We need all the antioxidants [...]

Cherry Smoothie for Gut Health

I have a cherry tree in my yard and for the first couple years I lived in the house the tree did not bear much fruit and what fruit it bore, the squirrels ate. This last year the conditions were [...]

Just Beet It

Gut health is a hot topic. You’ll find advertisements or articles about probiotics popping up on your computer screen, in your magazines or on the television. These advertisements and articles [...]

Olive Pesto Pasta

I have never been a fan of olives until I came across a man selling olives at the winter farmer’s market. After talking to the olive man about some sage tea he was selling he convinced me [...]

Mr. Oogie Boogie Man

I know the holidays are behind us but I was just thinking about one of my favorite holiday movies – The Nightmare Before Christmas. At first appearance you might think the villain of the story is [...]