Tinted Lip Gloss

Making your own personal care items is fun! Take for instance the tinted lip gloss recipe below – you can put your spin on this gloss by adding essential oils that appeal to you. You could [...]

Natural Beauty for Our Microbes

We not only have microbes in our gut but we also have them living on our skin and from what I can tell they both have an impact on each other. If we do things to impact our skin microbes such as [...]

Niçoise Salad

I find Niçoise Salad to be a smorgasbord for my beneficial gut bacteria. When it comes to creating a sexy healthy gut microbiome you want to feed your beneficial microbes a variety of foods that [...]

The Next Superfood – Sardines?

I was doing some research for my book Kaizen when I got introduced to the wonderful world of sardines. These little fish are the ideal fish to eat and great on the go since they come in a tin [...]