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When my son was little he believed that everyone lived to 100, had a glorious birthday party with lots of friends and family then they died peacefully in their sleep.

In my son’s young mind he saw 100 as not only attainable – the person that reached 100 was healthy, vital and capable of enjoying life right up to their 100th birthday. If I were to ask my son now if he was going to live to 100 he’d answer no.

What happened over the last 15 years that brought this young man from believing that everyone lived vitally to 100 to being disturbed with the idea of living to 100? My belief is that we aren’t given a clear guidebook on how to support good vitality and health so we do what we see our parents do or what we have learned from others and those lifestyle choices usually have a negative effect on our health and vitality. We start to have waning vitality and health and believe statements like, “It’s all downhill from 40”.

Stress and poor eating habits as well as emotions such as anger, fear and worry all rob us of our vitality. Knowing that these situations rob us of our vitality gives me hope that vitality is achievable being that these situations are changeable.

I have developed a practice of three key routines that have helped me to gain more vitality. You too can use these techniques to gain more vitality in your life. These practices are deep breathing, seasonal eating and qigong.

Here’s a brief description on each practice to get you started:

  1. Deep breathing – I use deep breathing to relieve stress but what I didn’t realize is that when we breathe properly it is our bodies avenue for expelling 70% of our body’s toxic load. If we aren’t expelling all those toxins then they’re stored in our bodies causing more stress. Breathe in for about a count of 5 expanding the lower belly and breath out for about a count of five continue to do deep breathing for a few minutes. When you stop notice how you feel. You’re likely to have a feeling of peace or euphoria. Do deep breathing several time throughout the day to clear toxins and oxygenate the blood.
  2. Start by eating a vegetable that is in season. For Autumn try root vegetables such as rutabagas or carrots, Winter try sweet potato for Spring try asparagus or romaine and for Summer try any of the salad greens. Once you start releasing stress and stored emotions it will be easier to make food choices that nourish your body. If you already have some good food routines try eating in season to up your game. When we eat with the seasons we are giving our body exactly what it needs during that time of the year to work optimally.
  3. Shaking Qigong is a great way to release emotions and stress. Start by standing hip width apart with your arms hanging down at your sides, shoulders relaxed, knees slightly bent, tailbone tucked in and back erect. Start bouncing at the knees and allowing your arms to shake like wet noodles. Just keep bouncing, shaking and breathing for a few minutes up to 10 minutes. I like to set an intention that all toxins and emotions that have accumulated since my last shaking are free to leave my body through my hands and feet.

Making small changes towards activities that support vitality and longevity, will increase your level of wellbeing. You deserve better wellbeing so find an activity that resonates with you and start making it a routine in your life.

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Want more recipes and tips on how to age better get my book Kaizen: A Toolbox for Cultivating Optimal health print or ebook or my e-cookbook Nourish Your Gut ebook. Cheers, Nanette

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